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The Toddler Room

The Toddler room is a stimulating environment that offers a lovely mezzanine area, which overlooks the room. 

The Butterfly Day Nursery

Free flow

The children are encouraged to access the back garden and free flow between the inside and outside environment. 

Our ethos enables children to grow and flourish into independence, as we facilitate their curious and active natures through a combination of child-centred and adult led activities. We learn collaboratively with open ended activities and interactions that allow the children to develop individually.

Each child will have their own key person to bond with, to support their learning, self-care and personal, social and emotional development. Each key person carefully plans rich learning experiences, which reflect the children’s individual needs, cultures and their interests in play, through the guidance of the EYFS.

The Butterfly Day Nursery, Cambridge
The Butterfly Day Nursery, Cambridge

"Butterfly Day Nursery is a truly outstanding place! The love and care my children received on a daily basis was outstanding! If I could pick the nursery up and move it with us I would. I am going to miss this place very much. The amount of daily feedback and personal care was just amazing. I highly recommend sending your children to Butterfly!"

Parent, April 2023

The Butterfly Day Nursery
The Butterfly Day Nursery
The Butterfly Day Nursery, Cambridge

Bright & airy spaces

We like to display and share children’s photographs of their homes, family and pets in order to support their understanding of diversity and develop a sense of their family and qualities, which distinguish them from others whilst making links in all areas of their world. 


The toddler room offers toys to allow children to experiment, learn simple mathematical concepts and discover the use of technology and ICT, allowing children to create and think critically, building their self-esteem as they solve problems and enjoy their achievements. We choose a range of unusual and interesting materials and resources for children to explore, through experimenting and the use of their senses building curiosity.


After lunchtime, our room is transformed into a peaceful area for children to rest and sleep. Each child has their own bed and comforter if needed. Calming music is played and staff gently rock the children off to sleep if required.

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